LOOK Buildings offers building packages that are pre-designed or that we can design for you. Our buildings can easily be installed by the do-it-yourselfer or LOOK has authorized installers in some areas that can install for you.

With a LOOK Building Package, you’ll find that they are more complete than your average metal building package. You’ll also find that if you choose to finish the interior at a later date it is simple to insulate, run electricity through, drywall, etc. than your average metal building at which you would typically have to “build” interior walls in between the panels.

Building Package Includes:

  • 2×4 or 2×6 framed “Sturdi-LokTM” panels
  • Trusses with all necessary bracing and panels to complete
  • Headers, trim for doors and windows if needed
  • Misc. hardware: screws, bolts, washers, hurricane clips
  • Foam Wrap:  this is a ¼” reflective foam wrap that installs on the exterior wall panel if the finish is metal. It provides R-7 value, wind and dust barrier, sealing the building, and it helps smooth out the metal when installed. * OPTION
  • Metal panels for Roof and/or Walls from our local manufacturer: Delta Metals *OPTION
    • Our standard panels are 29 gauge Delta Max Rib.
      • Other gauge sizes and panel styles are available at special request and are subject to a price adjustment
    • Color Chart
      • *Some colors are subject to a price adjustment
  • Windows *OPTION
  • Man-Doors *OPTION
  • Garage Doors *Only in local area of Western Slope Colorado
  • Plans, Instructions, Warranty


Delta Metals Color Chart small

Roof/siding Color Chart (click to enlarge)

   After the excavation, concrete and other pre-construction items are complete the simple steps of erecting a LOOK Buildings are:

-Layout wall panels around the building

-Stand each panel up in place and attach to adjacent panels, bolting to the concrete

-Apply top plate and mark for roof system

-Set roof with trusses and panelized purlin system or sheathing

-Apply sub-fascia and additional roof bracing as required

*Building system is self-braced during construction, so traditional “risk” is avoided in regards to unexpected wind, etc.*

Of course you will be provided a complete set of instructions with layout plans that will help with this easy process!