Would you rather take the simple route and choose a building already designed? Take a look at our pre-designed buildings and let us know if one of them works for you!

Couldn’t find a pre-designed building that fits your needs or preferences? Let us help you with a few tips when it comes to working together on your design for a LOOK Building.

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  • Roof Style:  This is important when you are deciding if you would like vaulted ceilings, attic space, the traditional “barn” look with a gambrel truss, or your standard gable truss. Let us help you figure out which would work best for your needs.
  • Garage door sizes, be sure to measure the size of trailer, equipment or vehicle that you will be driving through and leave at least 6”-2’ of space above and on the sides.
  • Wall height should be a minimum of 1’ higher than your tallest garage door to allow room for the track. 2’ can be more cost effective for the door itself.
  • 2×6 panels if you plan to insulate it at any time; otherwise a 2×4 system works well up to 14’
  • 2’o.c. truss system would best fit a building that plans to be finished on the interior, has a roof finish other than metal, or is in a high elevation.
  • Exterior Finishes don’t have to be just metal! You can finish it with stucco, vinyl, brick, stone, wainscot, etc.
  • Foundation: Monolithic or Footer & Stemwall
    • Footer & Stemwall with a slab is most common for areas that have living quarters, as it allows for a crawl space to better insulate and maintain plumbing, etc.
    • Monolithic is most common for all outbuildings
    • Concrete piers will be placed for a pole barn (post-in-ground), or shed roofs
  • Overhang: although it can add to your cost, overhangs serve a purpose for rain protection and the overall look of the building. If you choose not to have an overhang, consider installing gutters.

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