What makes a Look Building different than other pre-made structures?
♦Our Sturdi-Lok walls make a huge difference. Contractors that have used our system confirm our buildings go up faster and are much stronger than many other types of pre-made buildings. Customization is of course key – you can add or change our systems easily and economically. Many pre-manufactured structures have packages that do not allow this type of flexibility – our does!
I’m looking at a steel building, what does a Look Building have that a steel building doesn’t?
♦That’s an easy one to answer! First, a Look Building is more conventional – that means it can be insulated from top to bottom, warm in winter, cool in summer. You building will also allow for electrical systems – no exposed wires or unsightly conduit. And – this is very important – many of our customers who have steel buildings realize too late that heating and cooling can be very expensive. For instance, you can’t put an evaporative cool on a steel roof (especially a rounded one)! Those are just a few of the considerations, ask us for more!
What about cost factors?
♦Cost is always a consideration, but so is durability. We think once you compare costs between the different building styles, ease and convenience of the build, strength and longevity, you’ll choose a Look Building over any other.
Can I design and build my own Look Building?
♦Certainly, many of our clients do, and we have helpful tips to guide you thru the process. However, we also have a list of preferred contractors whom you can work with.