♦With LOOK Building’s unique, patent-pending system, we take the guess work out of your construction project – with complete support when you have questions.

♦LOOK created a shear wall system that does not require exterior sheeting just for strength. We changed the orientation of all the bracing to be as thick as the wall itself. In other words all of the lumber is 3-1/2″ or 5-1/2″ thick with diagonal bracing and horizontal studs that can be used inside and out to attach any traditional sheeting, insulation, etc.

♦When these panels are joined together, they form a vertical post, similar to a pole barn except that these panels are normally bolted to concrete for a more permanent structure instead of putting wood into the ground. This doesn’t mean LOOK Buildings can’t build you a pole barn. In fact, we can design and build pole barn’s still using our patent-pending wall panels!

♦The ”Sturdi-LokTM” panels are 8’ wide, but they can be downsized to any width. You can have any size of building up to 20’ tall with a LOOK Building!