April 2023

LK20887: 2-CAR GARAGE! 26x26x10

Are you in need of a standard 2-car garage? LOOK no further, as you can buy a “STURDI-LOK®” building kit from LOOK Buildings. There is a perfect amount of space to park your vehicles out of the elements, and gives you plenty of windows for natural light. Ask about our builder’s network for a great referral on a local builder to install your building kit.



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Building Kit Inclusions:

  • 2×6 STURDI-LOK® Wall System (includes: headers, lag screws, sill seal, w/d wrap, vtp, cn)
  • 2’OC Truss system 30#snow, 4/12pitch, no overhang (includes: 5/8”sheathing, underlayment, hurricane clips, stabilizers,roll blocking, bracing)
  • 1/8” Exterior Vapor Barrier Wrap for Ext. Walls
  • 29ga Metal Roof/Trim/Ext Walls
  • Exterior Steel walk-through door 3/0x6/8 with 1/2lite
  • 6ea Windows-vinyl 4×2 fixed placed higher for natural light
  • 2 Garage Doors 8×8 with arched windows, no operators